I'll start by admitting that I am a new mama to a sweet little boy and am obsessed with his every move. I cannot get enough of him. I am also wildly in love with my fiance'. We recently re-located to Tacoma, WA, purchased our first home and are in the process of opening a craft beer bar! 

hen I'm not snuggling on family you'll most often find me cleaning (my therapy!), chasing beautiful light outdoors, or getting butterflies behind the lens of a camera. My entire visual life is through a lens- constantly surveying for the perfect composition in every setting.

also find heart-pounding, genuine passion in capturing the lives of people. Whether it be a lovely notion on your perfectly worn sweater, a ray of sun shining through your daughters wispy hair or that irreplaceable look of joy on your face when you become the love of your life's forever partner.

I'd be honored to photograph even 30 minutes of your life for you to cherish. Email me below if you're interested in a session or have a question regarding the like. I look forward to getting to know you!