Apparently this winter was a boring one. So many pregnant girlfriends here! I can hardly contain myself. Bring on the babies!

A Trunk Show!

That's right, our first ever. We're totally excited to pop up at Caffe Fiore to showcase a wide variety of handmade pieces. Including some from our newest collection. Come by for a drink! We'd love to have you.

Caffe Fiore
224 W Galer St.
Seattle, WA 98119
Dec 16th from 7-9pm


Moab UT, are we still on earth?

Moab, Utah. "Land just short of the Promise Land." You should prolly jump in your car right now and hit the road running. This is the type of place to take your breath away (especially if you're from Seattle). Not only by altitude but the natural creation of sandstone arches and balanced rocks will truly stop you in your tracks. The unpredictable scale and erie silence that sits between these forms will capture you, twirl you around and throw your busy mind right back into perspective and away from itself. 

You should really visit soon, really. 


More from Montana

Because sometimes you can't stop, wont stop. 


Had the pleasure of skipping town with some of ma' ladies. We drove east until we hit the homeland full of horses, rifles and cowboys. There was no need to drive on. We found more than we were looking for, as it usually goes. And documented as such..

Joshua Tree

A quick trip into the desert made for a sweet little dream come true. It blows my mind that just a couple of states away life is so different than the one I'm used to and comfortable with living. I love being reminded that even a short travel into other lifestyles can reflect such perspective onto the lives that we just walk through day by day. As of late I long for the ability and dedication to living a thoroughly grateful life. The discipline to quickly sway my outlook to that of ultimate thankfulness for what I have and the life that I get to live. 

To help encourage myself in living more purely,  I've been quickly jotting down 3 things I'm grateful for every day. I've found that the simple act of writing something down naturally helps us to think about them more often. Thus making us more aware of those things. The trip below definitely made the list.



Ma baby sister

My little Lexie sister is a senior in HS and asked I take some senior shots. I've become so proud of the lady she has grown into and will forever cherish these three days of playing dress up  together.  Just a few favorites (of hundreds) below.. 



Last week we ventured up north just a bit to the incredible Big Four Ice Caves. They've formed by cascading water to the base of the mountain and warm winds that have hollowed out their center. They've been there for centuries and are visited often.

Just being in the presence of their surrounding area provides an incomparable shift in perspective to human life. They truly took my breath away. And replaced it with pure thankfulness and excitement for life. What have you discovered lately to realign your perspective?   


Project Girl Crush

I'm not sure if its the era of over edited social media and the explosive of pop up shops taking a toll on me or the universe "teaching me a lesson" at this stage of my life. As of late every single one of my lady friends and I have conversed about being a woman during this time of powerhouse females with their hands in every little craft and pursuit of happiness. And about how hard it is to compete. At times it feels like it's not even worth trying. Unless you're good at walking the dog and fashionably dressed baby in high heels while a picture perfect peach pie is in the sparkling clean retro oven and your newest collection of jewelry is pickling, what's the point. 

photo by: Genevieve Pearson

But then I get to thinking, how incredible would it be to hold the ability to flip all that jealousy and envy (because that's what it, ultimately) into inspiration? To keep in your pocket, to hold by your side, to use as an aide in your journey. I've recently made the decision to chose to only be inspired by women. Using it for my own good versus letting it get me down.   

A lovely friend of mine Genevieve Pearson is in collaboration with Jennifer Utley on a project to help women do just this. ProjectGirlCrush.  It's a major deal in my book.   

Next time you're feeling a little uninspired or jealous, take a quick glance. It's a perfect reminder that in the end, it's cool to be you. To own you and make the most of you and your abilities. To appreciate and be happy for other women and the discovery of theirs. 

Happy September babes.


SOT goes to the Market

Today was our first ever flea market experience. What fun we had! It was beyond full of sun and friendly people. Enough so that we could get used to this type of engagement. Perhaps we'll try another.

*please excuse the hilariously blown out and disheveled photos. It was so bright and busy! All good problems to have. 


Great American Campout

Its not often some of your favorite people happen to be your coworkers. Its also not often y'all can cram into one car to spend the next 30 smokey hours together and end up stopping at hour 29 for "just one more" because you didn't quite get enough.

In honor of our very dear gal pal moving away this week, we set off for a quick campout to celebrate her. We're beyond sad to watch her go but support her every step ahead. May wonderful things happen to you in Portland dear Coralie. XO

A little fresh air

With a new photo project in the works I've been spending more time outside. Right out my backyard, really. Cliche' as it sounds, we are so damn lucky here in the PNW. Its unreal. Just a little appreciation for the Mother Nature. That's all. Hope this Hump Day finds you well fellow humans.

HomeStyled: Coralie Hews

Coralie is one of those girls who's just naturally cool. And it sounds like she always has been. She talks about borrowing her grandmother Coralie's (how cute is that?) dresses for prom and while the girls in high school wouldn't be caught dead in anything off-brand she was shopping at thrift shops. She's got style that's at the cusp of coming into trend and never looks too forced or planned out but always works perfectly. And her HomeStyle isn't far off. She's created a beautiful home out of this little studio in downtown Ballard.  

Grand Hallway

I was fortunate enough to film this promo for Grand Hallway's Fremont Abbey show this May 9th. I remember hearing Tomo Nakayama talk that day about "just wanting to create music with everyone" in response to a question he was asked about collaborating with certain musicians. I have to say I'm quite honored to be a part of that list and am totally inspired by his view of collaboration within our incredibly talented community here in Seattle. I feel so lucky to have been lead here, however it happened.

Grand Hallway - "Horses" from Grand Hallway on Vimeo.

Dabbling in Video!

A Leslie Stoner Story from Alicia Palaniuk on Vimeo.

Thanks to the lovely Moorea Seal I recently discovered Skillshare: an online global community centered around creativity, collaboration and learning by doing. Its such a cool resource. I was so excited I signed up for two classes right away. One of them is a three week lesson on how to create a Video Portrait. I've been really intrigued with video as of late so thought I'd just go for it and take the challenge. This is my first go. 

Leslie Stoner is my aunt by blood and muse by luck, I suppose. She's a very talented and established encaustic (pigmented bees wax) painter all while raising two incredible little human beings. I may be biased but she's created a hell of a life for herself and is totally kicking butt at it. It was an honor to create this little video of her.