Project Girl Crush

I'm not sure if its the era of over edited social media and the explosive of pop up shops taking a toll on me or the universe "teaching me a lesson" at this stage of my life. As of late every single one of my lady friends and I have conversed about being a woman during this time of powerhouse females with their hands in every little craft and pursuit of happiness. And about how hard it is to compete. At times it feels like it's not even worth trying. Unless you're good at walking the dog and fashionably dressed baby in high heels while a picture perfect peach pie is in the sparkling clean retro oven and your newest collection of jewelry is pickling, what's the point. 

photo by: Genevieve Pearson

But then I get to thinking, how incredible would it be to hold the ability to flip all that jealousy and envy (because that's what it, ultimately) into inspiration? To keep in your pocket, to hold by your side, to use as an aide in your journey. I've recently made the decision to chose to only be inspired by women. Using it for my own good versus letting it get me down.   

A lovely friend of mine Genevieve Pearson is in collaboration with Jennifer Utley on a project to help women do just this. ProjectGirlCrush.  It's a major deal in my book.   

Next time you're feeling a little uninspired or jealous, take a quick glance. It's a perfect reminder that in the end, it's cool to be you. To own you and make the most of you and your abilities. To appreciate and be happy for other women and the discovery of theirs. 

Happy September babes.